Tom Hughes




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A collection of traditional folk tunes and original music.  
Performed on accordion, whistles, fiddle and double bass.

NB: Current stock has different artwork to the revised artwork as shown but content the same.

1.No Man's Jig 01:31
2.The Mordiford Loop 03:19
3.Lullaby 04:01
4.Michael Turner's Waltz/The Fall 03:49
5.Hereford Hornpipe/Worcestershire Hornpipe 02:43
6.Geared Up 02:15
7.Picking Up Sticks/Old Mole/Lindsey's Jig 02:11
8.29th May/Til' The Tide Comes In 03:06
9.Midnight On The Water 04:14
10.Charlotte's Reel 06:25